Thursday, August 30, 2012


My friend at Meanwhile in Kazahkstan asked me if I ever had to block anyone on fb and it reminded me of this little altercation that took place on my JATM fb page in late April. The language is TERRIBLY offensive, though I creatively threw in a * or an ! to "hide" what was originally written, but if that kind of language offends you, you may want to click out of this now while you still have the chance.

April 29: Crazed lunatic:
hi are you bianca owner of [blogger who shall remain nameless because I did not get her permission to use this on my blog]page?

April 29: Just Another Tired Mommy
No--this is Just Another Tired Mommy

April 29 Crazed Lunatic
oh ok just ur name popped up with it in google trying to find the [nameless] person that runs the page

April 29Just Another Tired Mommy
Oh--maybe because I comment and share her stuff a lot...either way, I'm glad you found me and hope you like the blog!

April 29Crazed lunatic
no i dont actually i think its vile her tagging people in comments and targeting them she needs to be told to stop that crap

April 29Just Another Tired Mommy
I don't know what you are talking about--that page is completely separate from mine. I suggest not looking at her page anymore if it is that upsetting to you. Anything I have ever seen has been for the sake of humor, but I don't look at everything she posts. That said, I do tag people as well--so that others are able to share in the blogs that I like. Most people appreciate being tagged as it helps to bring in more readers. I'm not sure about all this "crap" you are referring to, but again, I guess you should maybe not like the page anymore if it isn't for you. Good luck to you...

April 29Crazed lunatic
ive never been apart of that pathetic piece of shit page my mum did a comment to one of the picks shared an was sensored her comment wasnt mad she then got targeted an shit said to her from the page owner reason im trying to track the nasty c@nt down so if it is u or u know her tell the dirty c@nt she f@cked with the wrong people

April 30Just Another Tired Mommy
Excuse me, I do not know her, but if the comment was even close to the comment you just made, I don't blame her. I do not even know you and I do not appreciate the language you just threw at me because you are upset with another person I do not even know. Please don't respond back--you obviously WANT a fight with someone--it isn't going to be me.

April 30Crazed lunatic
im not looking for a fight you obviously are try not lieing next time an try not dictate to people on what they should or shouldnt do... if it was your ownflesh an blood being given sh!t or your mum u would act the same way... your pathetic... FYI if you didnt want a convo you didnt need to respond to first msg.

April 30Crazed lunatic
an fyi sharing private messages is against Fb Tos gl with that

April 30Just Another Tired Mommy
I didn't NOT want a "convo..." I just don't appreciate the language that you think is okay to use when writing an email to a person you do not even know. Next time you decide to accuse someone of LYING, do your research. I answered you because I had no idea that you were a lunatic--I thought that you were innocently asking about my page--I am NOT the person you are trying to find, but I do not blame her for blocking you from her page considering the language you used on me and the names you called me when you don't even know me. Though I do not personally know her, I do enjoy her page and her posts, but I I will NOT give her the messages you left for me or for her because no one deserves to be treated this way. Perhaps checking out blogs and facebook pages isn't your thing--it clearly gets you upset. Some advice (as a mother): you never know who is on the other end of your email, so be careful what you write. If my daughter wrote the words you wrote to ANYONE--in the name of defending me or not--I would be furious and ashamed.

April 30Crazed lunatic
me a lunatic lol? its you who is the lunatic... I'm just a person defending my own flesh and blood against idiots who choose to get off on making someones time on fb a living hell for no reason.... It's funny considering i only messaged u yet the sarcasm page says people have complained of comments being said lately on that... then u say word for word the same thing she has said... not a co incidence..... well thats your choice as a mother & i have the full support of my mother & my family and friends on FB... No one should be treated how you and the sarcasm page u guys run against people... its quite sick you people get your kicks of targeting others.... Sicko.

April 30Just Another Tired Mommy
Listen, Nancy F@cking Drew, I have no idea how you got it into your head that I am this person (though I seriously would not mind being her as people LOVE her), but you seriously need to work on your sleuthing skills. And getting a life.

I blocked her at this point and sent emails to the true owner of the page in question, but no one else seemed bothered by what transpired. I went into this knowing that people are out of their minds, but this was my first (and so far ONLY I think) experience with a total wacko (besides MYSELF of course). There were times when I got political on here and even then, people weren't completely out of their minds. Really...

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll see you in September...

Well,this weekend I was finally able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, but sadly,that was short lived tomorrow I am leaving for a week and won't have a computer. FOR SHAME! I thought this post was a good repeat considering the frumpy and chin hair theme. My recent post about apps is also similar--I really need some new material... "">href="">

Goodbye Frumpy...maybe next year...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nothing says "Hot Mama" like a few gnarly chin hairs

I really need to look into laser hair removal...perhaps someone would provide it for me if I write a nice blog about it...

MY kind of list

*The only way to get to the link is by clicking on the last html posted at the bottom of this post. I can't seem to fix it. I suppose I could add, "I will NEVER understand how to use my computer" to the list... There are SOOOOOO many things to add to this YOU have anything to add?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

To curse or not to curse. Or cuss.

Sadly, after a year in second grade and sharing the bus with hoodlums fifth graders (and perhaps a slip up here and there from his parents), my son now REALLY knows ALL (or at least MOST) of the words. Addison is still hung up on stupid being the worst word of all (right next to hate) and I REALLY want to keep it like that. i think we all know that by the end of kindergarten she will be cussing like a sailor, but a mother can dream, can't she?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perhaps if the floor could stay food-free for more than thirty-nine seconds, we wouldn't have unwanted "guests" all the time. I am convinced that the houseflies now invading our home are really the gnats that I missed when I first wrote this. They seem to be more comfortable here than WE are.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Love my Addison

So by the end of the year, the excitement that was Addie had worn off and she would make her usual entrance (like she was the Queen of England)and no one seemed to care anymore. It broke my heart for her, but then I remembered how full of herself these entrances and exits made her and I was over it.