Thursday, August 16, 2012

To curse or not to curse. Or cuss.

Sadly, after a year in second grade and sharing the bus with hoodlums fifth graders (and perhaps a slip up here and there from his parents), my son now REALLY knows ALL (or at least MOST) of the words. Addison is still hung up on stupid being the worst word of all (right next to hate) and I REALLY want to keep it like that. i think we all know that by the end of kindergarten she will be cussing like a sailor, but a mother can dream, can't she?


  1. lol! i hope my son isn't cursing like a sailor when he gets of the bus today! i guess he does call Holly Shiftwell from the movie Cars 2 "Polly Shitwell"... oh dear.

  2. OMG, when my daughter entered a charter school in fifth grade after being homeschooled and hearing her own parents cuss, she started cussing like a sailor! I thought she just learned not to pick up the talk because she didn't pick it up from us. But once she heard her classmates and the language they used, she started it! So my point is--cussing is NEVER the fault of the parents! ;) It is ALWAYS the fault of the hoodlums, err..fifth graders!

    1. HA--you are so right--ALWAYS blame the hoodlums and NEVER admit to the fact that your children very well may BE the hoodlums...;o)


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