Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ryan decided to practice her reading tonight, so she "invited" (that's what we call the piercing shriek demanding our attention that she so politely offered) us all to join her in the living room. About a month ago, my college roommate and I went to a festival where we met a children's book author. One of her books was about a "city" bear and a "country" bear and this is what Ryan wanted to read. As she read about their many adventures, all three of my children noted the places they had been or at least heard of at one point in time. My youngest looked up at me as we were discussing Mt. Rushmore and said, "Nope. I don't even wremembewer fowor a widdwel bit." "That's because you were soooo little then--you weren't even TWO yet!" "So I was one?" "YES. You were ONE!" "And I was so tiny like a widdwel cwrumb?" "Yes...I guess you could say you were tiny like a little crumb...I'm not sure what KIND of crumb we're talking about here..." "AAAAAGGGHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was djust wike a cwrumb--dat's funny, Mommy--right?" She has no idea.


  1. Very cute! I can totally picture the smile on your youngest's face as she was being funny. Adorable.

  2. Thanks, Corrinne! It's hard to convey the story when people don't KNOW her, so I'm glad you were able to see the humor! I hope you are able to read some of my others...LOVE yours by the way!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so so glad you liked it! Hope you continue to read it :)

    Such a funny little story. Next time one your kids is sick, ask them if they are feeling "crumby" haha :)


  4. Thanks, Krista! This isn't my BEST work, but I felt like I had to share the story--especially with those who know her! I LOVE that we have the same "crumby" sense of humor! I hope you are able to read some of my others...By the way--I'm LOVING the chicken salad recipe!

  5. so cute

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  6. Sweetheart--I appreciate you following me and LOVE your blog!

  7. That was cute.
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  8. Thanks, Lisa--I tried to follow, but it didn't work. I'll keep trying, though!


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