Tuesday, May 1, 2012

YES! I AM somebody...

I DID IT! Why am I yelling? BECAUSE I DID IT! I am actually "somebody" because I have my first official guest-hosting-gig! YAY ME! Okay, so you may point out that I did not get this gig because of my talent or quick wit--I got it because of the fact that my family is one of the many families that have a story to share about their financial ruin these last six years, but it is a guest post nonetheless. Melissa at http://www.rockanddrool.com/ (Now SHE is somebody!) was kind enough to post my housing debacle/fall of the Corwin empire (empire just SOUNDS better--even IF it is falling...) on her blog. So when you click on Rock and Drool, you will see my name. And my words. Right there--on the page. Go on--do it. Now.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I KNOW! Well, be sure to check out all of Melissa's posts--she is a talented and funny lady and I LOVE her (not only because she found me guest-post-worthy)! I know you will, too!

http://www.rockanddrool.com/(Just in case you missed it the first million times...)


  1. you're so sweet! we are ALL somebody!! the bank debacle sucks donkey balls and i'm proud to host your guest post!! xo


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