Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Everyone LOVES Lucy...

So my gal Lucy at A Little Lucidity and I decided to guest post for each other. This may be a regular thing, though I think we know what happens when I try to keep a schedule, but hopefully Lucy will keep me in line. Hopefully. Lucy  and I "met" on here shortly after I began this great adventure of blogging in early October. We almost instantly realized that (as she put it) she was my "Sistah from another mistah" as every time we read each other's blog we realized that we must share a brain. This was  a turning point in my life since I had been LOOKING for said brain for years. I was happy to know that SOMEONE was using it especially since she was using it quite well. If you have NOT checked out Lucy's page, don't fret. You can get to her by simply clicking on one of the many links to her page that I have included in this post.  If you simply cannot get up the energy to click on the links, I am bringing her to you tomorrow(right here on my page!) and you will LOVE her as much as I do. Try not to hurt yourself laughing when you read her post--I am going to need you back here and in good health on Thursday and then again on all of the other days until she posts again. Enjoy!

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  1. Brilliant!

    I love when you find people like that in the blogging world! Awesome, I've already clicked on the link and am swinging by to have a look!


    1. Thanks, UL! Maybe we should try it, too--if you are interested! I've missed you--was gone for a while, but I am glad to see you are still with me!


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