Saturday, September 1, 2012

Really bad poetry

Amanda’s Books and More
It's the weekend before school starts
and all eyes are on me
because (though it's awful), I am brimming with glee!

Thoughts of the future play out in my head--
days at the gym after resting in bed.
Relaxing mornings as all three scurry out--
lunchboxes and bookbags in hand with no pouts.
While I in my jammies give hugs and say "bye!"
They all three wave with love, though all eyes are dry.

Off to my blogging or facebook or tumbler;
spend some time on pinterest and some time on stumbler.
If I want I could watch some trashy TV
or perhaps clean a room--it is all up to me.

No Pampers to change, no fighting to ref,
no yelling to those who pretend they are deaf.
No noses to wipe or band aids to place,
no marks on the wall that I have to erase.
No whiny voices or bad attitudes,
no struggling to get them to not be so rude.

No fighting over spirals or Kraft macaroni.
No fighting that Oscar's the best kind of bologna

No crying or fighting or cleaning up messes.
No trying to get gum out of pretty blonde tresses.
No saying, "No," fifty times, maybe more.
No trying to pee while blockading the door.
No hiding in closets to talk on the phone.
No, "You're the worst mom EVER!" as my constant ring tone.

It's me--only me and though you all may mock---
I am pretty sure that this week
I will have writer's block.


  1. Welcome to another fantabulous school year... and yeah, I had a bit of block my first week with the kids back AND tomorrow my final child goes back to college. Is it wrong to say that although I adore her, I CAN NOT WAIT?

  2. Love this!!! You make me smile!
    {And it's not just you.... FOR SURE!}

    1. Considering how often you make ME smile (or GUFFAW really!), I am happy to reciprocate!

  3. Hahahahaha! That is too funny!


    1. I'm glad you think so--thanks for reading!

  4. Once, as a kid, I remember coming home after the first day of school and finding four champagne glasses in the sink.

    1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Joe, I don't know if this made me laugh so hard because I am considering it, or if it's because you remember it! HILARIOUS--I'm even willing to use all four glasses myself...

  5. HA! too funny!! I'm kindof sad now, but I'm sure someday I will feel this!

    1. I know--I am pretty sure that I will be a little sad to put my baby on the bus with the other two, so I try to remember how nice it will be to clean a toilet without someone trying to sit on it!

  6. Oh goodness! This is funny!!! You are brilliant! :)

    Thanks for following my blog. I love your blog too! Looking to reading more from you.

    -- Rose of Grown-Ups For A Day!

    1. Thanks, Rose--I have never been referred to as "brilliant" before (I don't think...), but I'll TAKE it--THANK YOU! ;o)

  7. You're doing a GREAT job, Mommy! Keep it up!


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