Thursday, October 4, 2012

A lesson in Chapstick

So when I taught I was always blessed enough to teach the most gorgeous and talented students. Sadly, I'm old enough that most of them are in grad school, working professional jobs, getting married, and having babies. Of course some of my students (very few, thank goodness) did the baby thing while I was teaching them, but that is for another day.

One of these beauties posted on facebook the other day and it made me laugh for two reasons. A. Because it was funny and 2. Because I had just posted about Jennifer and although her name is not Jennifer, she is DEFINITELY a natural beauty. Which brings me to her post:

When you tell your makeup-artist friend that you just want to wear Chapstick in your engagement photos, she responds with a saucy email written in the most god-awful fonts (including Comic Sans and Papyrus - yack).

You sully her trade, she'll sully yours right back. ;)

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