Thursday, October 4, 2012


Thank you Moore Organized Mayhem for this One Lovely Blog Award! It felt so great 
to be recognized and to know that someone is still reading! It also gives me an idea 
of what to write about since I seem to be embracing an eleven-month case of writer's 
block! If you haven't visited Moore Organized Mayhem on her blog or on facebook, you 
should do it now--she is so much fun and always has a smile or a laugh. 
Thanks again!

Like with most things, winning blog awards usually comes with rules--the good news is, 
the rules are generally fun to follow and help to get the creative juices flowing.  
The rules this time are:

* Include the blog award in your post.    CHECK    (This one is not so eas y a task for me, 
as every time I try to add a button or do anything but...type...on my blog I end up deleting 
things and making a complete mess of it...hence the strange stolen format...I really need to 
take a class...)

* Thank the person who nominated you.  CHECK   But I will do it again...THANK YOU 

* Nominate 5 people and let them know you have done so. CHECK  Well, I still have to let 
them know, but for the sake of argument, let's say, CHECK!

* Tell 7 random things about yourself.  CHECK  Enjoy!

My nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Your Doctor's Wife  I feel like Emma and I have been friends for years. Her posts will have 
you cracking up whether you are a doctor, a wife, a doctor's wife, a doctor's husband, a nurse, 
an orderly, or just a guy named Ralph. She. Is. Funny. Check out 
Show me Your Juicy Boobs Please--it may be one of the funniest posts 
I've ever read. Really.

Living in Kellie's World Joe (and Kellie) are so funny and Joe does a great job 
of bringing us into Kellie's world--a hilarious place to be, I must add. I was also lucky 
enough to win my first (and only) blog prize from Joe--though that had no influence on 
me (yes, I can be bought and I do love book stores (it was a GC for B&N. B-a-r-n-e-s 
and N-o-b-l-e. It's a BOOK store. A book is something you read. Before Kindle and i-Pads, 
books were used almost exclusively. There are PAGES...forget it.), but I'd like to think that 
$25 wouldn't be quite enough for me to sell out. Make it thirty and we'll talk!) Check out 
his post Meno-Poise--I swear I don't only love it because I am living it right now...

Daddy Knows Less His post today would be worth looking at simply because 
of his picture of "Peanut" at the pumpkin patch. CLASSIC.

The Underachiever's Guide to being a Domestic Goddess--She is gorgeous AND funny--and she 
made sure she remembered me when I went off the grid. THAT is something! 
This post really had me laughing--you will, too!

My SISTAH from another MISTAH...A Little Lucidity and I could chat for HOURS...and we 
have! She recently celebrated her one year Blogoversary. Hopefully that means she will be back 
to guest post...

    7 random things about yourself:

    I have a big toe the size of Rhode Island.

    I have somehow been blessed with the most amazing friends anyone could ever hope to 
    have. really. It is actually a bit bizarre that wherever I go (even virtually on my blog!) 
    I meet THE most amazingly nice, helpful, and GIVING people. It ALWAYS happens and 
    I really don't deserve it. I DO appreciate it.

    I do not like to share my water bottle with ANYONE. EVER. Of course, when people 
    are looking and judging and my children are nearing dehydration, I will allow them to 
    drink, but that is RARE. In high school (you know...back when the first water bottles 
    were "invented," we brought bottles to our field hockey game. My friend did not have 
    one and she asked me for a sip. I watched the water go into her mouth and come right 
    back down into my Evian. needless to say, I gave her that bottle and was done sharing 
    water after that day.

    I played field hockey for like fourteen seconds my senior year of high school. I was not good.

    I danced for like nine years, yet when I try to "Zumba" everyone runs for cover.

    For years I would carry around Styrofoam McDonald's or Chik-fil-A cups full of water. 
    Students would tell me that I was hurting the environment. When I told them that I used 
    the same cup for a week or two and washed it, I was told, "You are so Ghetto, Miss Corwin..." 

    My husband and I think we are on a sitcom. We BOTH expect to hear a laugh reel 
    whenever we say something we deem to be funny. We need help.


    1. AWWW! Thanks!!!! I'm so honored and I love that you bestowed Joe an award! I love his blog. My favorite post of his is "Crimson Tide". If you haven't read it, DO!! I'll be checking out all the others for sure!

      1. I replied from email, but I want you to know that you can actually (though barely!) read the second post of this. It is still a mess, but the sentences aren't cut off like on this one. I need training.


    I LOVE feedback--especially the POSITIVE kind...