Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If it was good enough for Art...

Our Christmas tree is still up in our living room. I know you are not surprised--anyone with a toaster in their front yard for ANY amount of time is DEFINITELY going to be lax when it comes to taking down the Christmas decorations. The thing is, it isn't up because we are lazy--it's up because we LIKE it.

All of the other decorations (including our other tree--yes, we have two--it's a long story and I am afraid that I am incapable of making it funny OR interesting, so we will just leave it at that) were put away the day after The Feast of the Three kings (the Epiphany), but we truly enjoyed having the tree up and neither one of us wants to take it down yet.

About three years ago, we were living in Montana next door to my dear friend Art. Some of my readers know about Art from facebook and SOME of my readers may even be RELATED to Art (unless those readers were scared away by my crazy ramblings...). Art was a great neighbor and friend, though that last year we lived in Montana, his health started to deteriorate. I tried to stop by as often as possible without being considered a stalker and tried to get him to let me do stuff (clean the kitchen, get him dinner) for him,but he usually refused my help and we would just relax and chat. One morning in February, I asked Art if he wanted me to take down his Christmas tree.

 "Why would you want to do THAT?! he asked me. "I'm an old man and I LIKE the Christmas tree. I think it looks pretty and I WANT to see it every day. Do YOU think I should take it down?"
"Absolutely NOT!" I replied. "Good for you--it DOES look pretty and if you want it up, it should stay!"
"Well, you never know how many more Christmas trees I will see--I could go at any time you know!"
"Yeah--well so could I--but until that time, at least you will enjoy your Christmas tree!"

Art passed away this last July and I am pretty sure the Christmas tree was shining brightly in his living room that day--at least I HOPE it was. I tend to feel that Art's theory about the Christmas tree was right--it IS beautiful and why SHOULDN'T we keep it up all year? I know we will probably cave and pack up the tree some time before July, but until then I will think of Art and how happy HIS tree made HIM--every month of the year.


  1. First of all, YES, we would totally be hanging out if we lived closer and you would be telling my husband this very thing about the tree because I, too would keep my tree up if I didn't have to listen to him complain about it dying and all. I did get to keep my green garland with lights over the mantle and will keep it up all winter. Score!

  2. Love this post. I only took my Christmas tree (only one this year and it is pink)down yesterday. In the past, I have kept it up long enough to swap out ornaments for Valentine's Day cards and contemplate shamrock garlands and shot glasses. And that was when I even had "real" trees--don't get me started. Rock on, tree lovers!!--Kelly G

  3. A few days after Christmas, that tree along with everything else is coming down. I can't handle too much clutter, my kids make enough messes without a bajillion extra thing-a-majigs hanging around.

  4. I LOVE the idea of a holiday tree--how fun! We did have a Thanksgiving tree this year and it was nice. The shot glasses--now THAT is funny!
    As for the clutter, we have PLENTY of that! The tree is behind the sofa, so it isn't really in the way of anything. I guess we will see if it stays up for as long as the toaster was in the driveway...


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