Thursday, February 9, 2012

Plan shmann...

Here I am. It's Thursday and according to my new "plan," it is one of the only days for me to actually write a full blog. Only, I kept Addison out of school today because all of her friends from last year's play group came over for a play date (or--if the authorities ask (do the authorities CARE about preschool?)--she was feeling a bit under the weather...which is HILARIOUS because she has been happily squeaking (yes, she is a squeaker--she squeals with excitement over--well--just about ANYTHING when she is in a happy mood) around me for the last two hours since her friends had to go home. Seriously, she is humming and singing and squeaking asking things like, "Don choo stink dat it is a WONDEWERFUL day, Momma?" and "Momma--Momma--MOMMMMMMAAAA--oh--teehee--guess what?! Dis is a gwryeat day!" So yeah--she's REALLY under the weather! I feel like that could mean anything. I  mean, she has a tummy ache at least five times a day (it only lasts a minute, but it's there), so technically she COULD be under the weather at any given time, but...I think I'm just gonna go with the truth. Especially because she keeps talking to me and asking me questions so I have NO IDEA what I am writing right now. I couldn't possibly keep up a lie, too!

Here is a snapshot of what is happening in MY world right now:

"Addison--why are you moving all of the chairs and bins around me? I won't be able to get up..."
"Yowewer at my wryestaurant. Don't fowerget to owerdewer food (in her highest, squeakiest, LOUDEST voice)!  "What would you yike? We have cake and cookies and muffins and cawrots and apples and..." (Remember--she is YELLING all of this and has done it for a good hour now. BUT--she is SO happy and in such a great, fun mood, I can't help but laugh.)

"OKAAAAAY (she's a little like Giselle from Enchanted--performing for an audience who is hard of hearing...)--let's make a SIGN! How do I spell  wryestaurant ? Mom? Mommy? MOMMA? How do I spell wryestaurant? "

"Awrewer? AWREWER? Okay. Awrewer. Okay Mommy. Okay Momma. Okay--what's ne-ext?  Momma? Mommy? Mom? What is aftewewre the awrewer? Momma? Mommy? Momma?"


"OOOOOHHHH...E. E, E, EEEEEEEEE! Fiwiwrst comes awrewer, then comes EEEE-EEEEE. Now is it S? Momma? Mommy? Mommy? Is there an S next? Momma? Momma? "

This continued for...well, she is still doing it, though she finished her sign. "Addie's Restaurant" is now full service and she is ECSTATIC about running it. You have NEVER seen a happier waitress in your life! And her sing-song voice would make me crazy if she wasn't so darn cute and if I didn't know that the exact opposite is what I usually get from my maniacs. I'll take singsong over brooding ANY day! Her voice is at a pitch that would make dogs wince, but again--too cute.

With all of this going on, I have no idea what I am writing, nor do I have an idea of what I WANT to write. I think we were discussing my "plan." My "plan" (I put "plan" in quotes because, let's be honest--the only "plan" I am ever capable of keeping is my "plan" to make more "plans." Plus, what is the saying? We make "plans" (I can't help it. I feel that it belongs in quotes...I'm like Joey from friends when he used his "air quotes"

Friends [Air Quotes FULL] -Hit Me- - YouTube

 SO. VERY. FUNNY.) (If you don't want to watch the whole thing, his first..."encounter" with the quotation marks comes within the first few minutes, but if you have time to watch it in its entirety, I HIGHLY recommend it. It may not be as funny as THIS mind-numbing rambling, but little is my friends. Little. Is.) I was talking about the saying that we make plans and God laughs. I like to think that I make God laugh more than most people because of all the "plans" I make. The average person probably makes fewer plans than I do, and probably follows more than I do. Which would make people who KNOW me (and I think God KNOWS me!) laugh even harder than those who don't. So at least I know I am doing SOMETHING to make God smile. Just sayin'...

So my "plan." Thursday is one of the only days to freely write my blog, but I am clearly having a problem with it! I'm not sure if it is because my children are LITERALLY yelling and screaming in circles around me and I'm feeling guilty or if it is because I'm feeling the pressure of only having two days of free writing, so it should be HILARIOUS--I don't know. It could also be the fact that the only consistency I have in ANY of my plans is the fact that I actually MAKE them, so this one is destined to fail. That's the spirit, right?! Wow--I think I need to suck in some of my daughter's enthusiasm! Insert squeaky, high-pitched, happy, yelling here:"THANK YOU! I CAN'T WAIT to write again tomorrow! You think I should write again tomorrow? I would LOVE to write again tomorrow. THANK YOU!"

I am looking at three blocks of cheese, a plate of carrots, a couple of cheese sticks, an apple, some bran muffins and a glass FULL of some smoothie type of drink that came from the depths of my refrigerator. Perhaps I need to have a conference with my "server" now... 


  1. Haha, love her! I need to meet this cutie! I have a feeling Coralie is going to have a similar type personality..they would get along! :)

    1. I'm sure they would and I would LOVE to meet sweet Coralie!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to exploring your blog.



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