Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love how every blog I try to make a comment on tries to "prove" that I am human. Evidently, if I am able to type words like "sIttonniT" and "Do  OmeD," I am a living and breathing being. Who knew? I just cannot help but be insulted by some of the things it asks me to type. I swear, one time I typed THREE different times and the words were; "Lo  o    S   E R," (though it was spread out over the page and had random lines in it) "so R    r E     E    E" and  "gOT    2   gv U    p." Seriously?!

I want to see the little man who is behind these "words" to find out HIS story. In this particular case (there are SO many--I usually look around the room when it happens to see if I am being video taped. Because if I WERE being videotaped, I would suddenly be able to SEE the perpetrator by simply looking around the room...), the computer seemed to become irate when I was too incompetent to type the correct words and/or symbols.  It's even WORSE to hear the audio version of whatever it is the strange little man wants you to type. It is seriously like something out of a horror movie. C-R-E-E-P-Y!

Anyway, on this particular day, instead of letting me comment after the third mishap, it asked me to type in numbers. Specifically, it asked me to ADD numbers. Now, we all know that I am NOT the brightest bulb, but I have not lost the ability to do simple addition--ESPECIALLY when I have a calculator. SO I DEFINITELY got the answers right. Which is why it was strange that I got the message, "Sorry, but we cannot confirm that you are human" THREE TIMES. Maybe the little man thought that there was no way ANY human would go to THAT much trouble to type in, 'Great blog--thanks for following me!" but he CLEARLY has not met THIS new blogger. IT'S ON, strange little man behind the computer. WE'LL SEE who is or is not human once and for all. (I'm not sure what my plan is here, but I wanted to scare him the way he has been scaring me. I'm afraid it was more like the time Ross tried to act tough on Friends--HILARIOUS to think that  he THOUGHT he could be tough, and only scary because he truly believed he WAS tough...either way, it IS on...)


  1. Seriously, I so enjoy your posts. I laugh my way through them. So, so funny!

  2. THANK YOU--I love the positive feedback! Not that I wouldn't take NEGATIVE feedback--ANY feedback is welcomed! I just PREFER the positive kind..who DOESN'T?! Anyway, it makes me happy to know that I am at least making SOMEONE laugh! ;o)

  3. Oh, there is most definitely a little being in our computers who likes to mess with us. But mine is a girl. And she's gonna get bitch slapped pretty soon.

  4. And the word I had to type for that comment to be published was "steixi". I'm declaring it a new word.

    Definition: (stee-ix-ee) (adj.) having sex appeal while highly intoxicated.

    "Damn, girl, you so steixi with your stripper heels and appletini!"

  5. I KNEW your brain would take you RIGHT there with me, you steixi mama!


I LOVE feedback--especially the POSITIVE kind...