Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm DOING my BEST. THAT'S why it is SO VERY SAD...

I need to cover a few things today, so hang on--and try to follow. First--I TRIED to make paragraphs--I did. In FACT, when I initially type out my ramblingsdroning words, I always include paragraphs. And indentations. In FACT, the last post I wrote (Elves...) had about eight lines between each paragraph, yet when I viewed it on the blog--NOTHING. I swear--I am learning to LIKE paragraphs. I've used them since I posted http://anothertiredmommy.blogspot.com/2011/10/evidently-paragraphs-are-important.html in OCTOBER, yet you are unable to see that because they GO AWAY for some reason AFTER I hit "Publish." I need to take a class or something... (New paragraph) Yesterday I thought I would take it upon myself to insert paragraphs (AGAIN) into my work. Surely it was just a little problem that could be fixed with the click of the mouse. Yeah...about that. What took my dear friend at http://www.designherbrands.com/ a day to create, it took me ONE CLICK to destroy. You see, I have a similar relationship with computers as I did with my hair (back when it was salvageable and I actually TRIED to look good). Everything could be just fine, yet I feel the need to TOUCH it and BAM! I look like Yound Frankenstein. THAT'S what happened with the computer except it was FAR worse than any Young Frankenstein hairdo I have EVER had. The computer (like my thighs, hips and stomach) hates me and will not stop until it has defeated me. I don't think it got the memo about how EASY I am--I know what you are thinking and no--I DO NOT mean "EASY" like a drunk freshman college student with daddy issues. I MEAN easy like to DEFEAT (though I guess that is kind of what the other would mean, too...hmmm...). (New paragraph) For example, if I were being chased by a criminal or...well, ANYONE...I am pretty sure I would fall to the ground in the fetal position. I mean, I would think that if they were CHASING me, they must REALLY want whatever it is more than I would really want anything. EASY TO DEFEAT. Another example, If my son asks one-million-five-hundred-and-thirty-FOUR times for something, I'm gonna let him do it. Or have it. Drive the car at seven, put his sister in the dryer, drink vodka--WHATEVER. If my youngest asks me...well, ANYTHING in that squeaky-sweet-"you-are-the-best-mommy-EVER" voice and face,I will let her have/do it immediately. If my middle child metions that she is often forgotten about or even HINTS at having "middle-child-syndrome," whatever she wants is hers. E-A-S-Y. So WHY the computer INSISTS on going through such ELABORATE steps to bring me down is beyond me. LUCKILY, Melissa at http://www.designherbrands.com/ does NOT hate me--YET--and was willing to swoop down to fix the disaster that I created. She was even able to [somehow] post my AWARD. (New paragraph) Now for those PARAGRAPHS...


  1. Who knew paragraphs were such a bitch! Have you tried the soft return? (hold shift key and hit enter - hit enter twice if you want a whole empty line)

    Yeah, good luck with that!

  2. Okay...WHAT?! I really want to be a person who understands what ANY of that means! If you never hear from me again, it's because I blew up my computer...!


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