Monday, February 20, 2012

REALLY?! Chicken nuggets over turkey...?

If you haven't had the chance, check out I'll wait. Seriously, read it now because you need it for this next assignment.

You're done? I'm just going to have to take your word for it since I don't have all day. If you did indeed read today's post, then you are no doubt as irritated as I am about it. NOT about the post--it was very well-written--irritated with the TOPIC. That is why I am using it for the Monday Meme topic. What do you think about this new theme of school officials dictating what every child should eat--even when you pack a lunch for your child to bring? I've given you a hint of how I feel about things in , but I want to know what YOU think. Let's hope that today's topic brings more participation than last week's "funny story" meme. Surely there are AT LEAST twenty or thirty of you who want to weigh in on this topic. If not, then we are REALLY in trouble. And chicken nuggets are going to become an official food group.

THESE are the facebook posts--I tried to delete names and faces since I didn't ask them if they minded being "featured" on the blog--I just wanted the non-facebookers to be able to see what others are saying on the topic...

    •  People really need to look closer at what schools think healthy eating is. Thank you for helping other Mom's see what is going on. :0)
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    • Nika Corwin Thanks,! And thanks for reading and commenting! :o)

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    •  I agree that kids should eat a lot healthier than they do, as i was told in no uncertain terms almost a year ago that i had to stop eating garbage and lose weight. That said, chicken nuggets? One of the most processed foods EVER!
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    •  I know....I had so many words in my mind over that.
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    • s 
      Whoa! Honestly I can say from having experience being that inspector for in-home daycare facilities that nobody is going to take a perfectly good sandwich away from a kid and replace it with chicken nuggets.   If that was done, it was done in error. And errors happen. The point of the programs in place are to give a healthy alternative to kids who come to school with henious lunches or lack there of. Which happens more than we think. The programs are not perfect by any means, no programs are, but the intent is good and we should remember that. Especially when we don't have to look very far to find bad intending influences our children are exposed to daily.See More
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    •  That was so 48 seconds ago!!!
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    • . I agree with the intent- but there will need to be checks and balances. I always hate when people say that watching over something will leads to extreme and bad stuff, but this opens the door.

      That said, if we can lower obesity, it is a very good thing. Less than a year ago, I ate bk and McDonald's twice a day and was about 5-8 215. That is sick! I can't imagine what it does to a pre schoolers
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    • t Tom you should be nice to Nika!
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    •  No offense, Adam, but what I eat, or what I feed my kids, regardless whether it's heathy or not, is no ones business, especially the governments.....with that being said, maybe we should start limiting what you can buy with food stamps, like twinkies and ho ho's and mandate that people being supported with my tax dollars eat healthy.
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    •  I love Nika!!! ♥
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    •  Tom- from what you are saying, I couldn't picture you feeding your kids like I ate. If parents are feeding their kids that kind of stuff, it is abusive. Kids should be physically fit or not be able to advance a grade.
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    • I agree, Nika knows my kids didn't eat that much junk. All I am saying is it is a parents responsibility to raise their kids, not the governments. If the government wants to start dictating how kids are raised, let them start with  preventing crack heads from having them in the first place (mandatory 5 year birth control implant, then evaluate their stability before removing it), oh wait, can't do that because they have rights, but me as a tax paying citizen seems to be losing my rights every day.See More
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    • Nika Corwin 
      Okay, let's NOT get into the food stamp debate--I am too tired for THAT ridiculousness right now, though I AM torn about the regulation of packed lunches. I am CERTAIN that this was an extreme case and that the intent of the program was not...See More
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    • Nika Corwin Tom...Tom, Tom, Tom...I didn't want to get political, yet I knew I was entering that area when I posted! Not all children are blessed with the parents your children have and not all people on food stamps are crack heads. Though I agree that crack heads should be helped and monitored. And aren't a lot of people against birth control--especially the mandatory kind?
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    • Nika Corwin And listen to Michael and be nice to me...'cause I love you, too! ;o)


  1. This really angered me because, while I think that child obesity is on the increase and a great deal of the parent population are to blame (I recall watching a documentary on kids as young as 10 years old being given gastric bands because their parents were incapable of monitoring their food intake. One girl, after having a gastric band put in, was invited to a family meal where they all sat down to KFC. Her KFC was liquidised ... please explain to me how this is RESPONSIBLE parenting?!) But, I digress ... it's going a bit far to scare little children by confiscating their lunch. All that succeeds in doing is giving a little girl a complex about food and weight. In the UK, a doctor sent a young girl a letter saying she was 'obese' for being about 5 pounds above the national average. What kind of message does that give a child? The key is to not make a big deal about food. And to educate kids (and parents) on healthy ways of eating. This police-state approach will never work. All it will do is aggravate the situation. Because, what happens when you tell a child they can't have something? They want it more.

    It's all about education, education, in my opinion. And since when is chicken nuggets a healthy option ever?! Looks to me like the inspectors and teachers need to be educated too.

    1. EXCELLENT points--ALL of them! I actually wrote like fifteen paragraphs responding to this and decided to make it into today's post! Thanks for the inspiration!


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