Sunday, February 19, 2012

My life as an Examiner

So I started writing for The Examiner in November and I have NO IDEA what I am doing. I really had fun writing the first few articles, but I did not follow the directions I was given and no one seemed to care. I guess I should be happy about that...but I'm not. I don't like not having any guidance or feedback. Maybe all of YOU can sign up and we can get through this together. Sort of an Examiner support group or something. Be sure to enter so that they know I sent you!
Check out my articles at [Will Muppets make a comeback this holiday? Whether it's Walmart or Boscov's, toys are at tantalizing prices this week! Thanksgiving fun that won't expand your waistline. How early is too early? This Holiday Season, Microsoft "Kinects" with gamers.] Please leave some constructive feedback--I NEED it!


  1. Look at you writing professionally! Maybe they didn't give you any feedback because they didn't need to! Your articles are well written, focused, and clear. I'm usually really good at giving constructive criticism but I honestly can't find anything to comment on. Good job!!

    1. I seriously LOVE you and SO appreciate your kind words! Did you apply to write for them yet? You should--really--and let me know when you do! ;o)


I LOVE feedback--especially the POSITIVE kind...