Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REALLY?! I guess the apple really didn't fall too far...

I know I am supposed to be doing "Wordless Wednesday," but I think we know how I feel about EVER being wordless! My friend at You Know it Happens at Your House too has the greatest guest posts, which (coupled with the fact that I feel particularly crummy today and I am not supposed to be using words ANYWAY) inspired me to ask the oldest maniac if he would like to guest host for me. He was surprisingly thrilled about the opportunity to be heard and the second little maniac is already planning HER debut. I am going to let him type it and everything...I may even make this a once a week event.  Of course, it will probably just be another thing that I forget to follow through with by week two, but maybe THIS will be the thing I actually see through to fruition...
Here's Brayden:

Okay,so I'm sitting at the table drawing and I hear Addison saying weird words like fat cat and then "everyone
laugh your heads off "! I can't stand how loud she has to scream just to tell Ryan right across the table not even.                                                                                              
Then  Ryan hands me a napkin  that says Idiot and said "that's who I am''. I  wouldn't say she is an idiot but she  is forgetful . She forgets  her agenda and  forgot three weeks worth of   homework. And  she forgot that she can't ( well she is not
allowed to ) say idiot.Anyway, girls in second grade  are bringing in diaries that say I (heart shape)Boys. They read them
to people out loud. I think there crazy! Oh my gosh ! Ryan  just  literally  made a plate full of ranch dressing. She was going to eat plane brussell sprouts with ranch but then she poured way too much ranch. I think I hear the brussell sprouts screaming for help but Ryan forgot how to swim in ranch so she can't save them.

Well, as you can clearly see, the apple did not fall very far from THIS tree! I am concerned that my son began this with, "Okay, so...!" and that half of my posts begin similarly! It's bad enough that one of the first complete phrases he said (before he was even TWO) was, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" and that "Seriously?!" and "REALLY?!" are regular parts of his vocabulary. When I read this aloud to my husband, he assumed that the "Okay, so" part came from me. Who was it that mentioned that we shouldn't raise our children to be exactly like us? Me? Oh yeah...


  1. LOVE!!!! I can't wait till my older ones that can actually type for themselves do their Guest Posts!! Good work :)

    1. Thanks--it wasn't a bad deal--I sat with my feet up while he slaved over the computer! I'm a little concerned about the six-year-old--she wants to do it next week, but we'll see. It took a while to get through to them that I would not allow them to talk about poop--and most of the six-year-old's material is based on poop, so I don't know if it will happen. I will tell the eight-year-old that you gave him a "Good work!" It will MAKE his day!

  2. I love it! This was so funny and impressive coming from an 8 year old! I'm a teacher, so that should mean something right... :) My favorite part was when he said, "I think I hear the brussel sprouts screaming for help!"

    1. That IS something,Katherine and he will LOVE the praise! Thank you!


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