Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YAY! The Sunshine Award!

When I was in school, only one person won each game. Only those who truly excelled received trophies and only the top echelon won awards. That said, I did not ever get an award. Or a trophy. Or win. Heck, I was just happy not to get picked LAST every game!  I was your average awkward tween/teen and just wanted people to like me. I tried to blend in because 
A. From the time I was in kindergarten, I was a giant 
and 2. Whenever I was noticed, trouble followed. I was ALWAYS at the wrong place at the wrong time.

WELL, my friends in the blogosphere, that gangly girl of the 80s has now received her THIRD award. Yes, that's right--THIRD.She was completely taken by surprise when she got the first, was convinced that the second would most definitely be her last, but she has now been given A THIRD. Why is said girl speaking in the THIRD person, you ask? I don't know really--and it IS annoying, so I will stop.

I feel a little weird "...thanking my fans..." for making all of this possible ( because who do I really think I am, anyway?!), but it always makes me feel so honored to know that 1. Someone (ANYONE besides a blood-relative or in-law) is actually READING my material and B. Said person actually LIKES what I've written. THIS even tops getting picked first in kickball (not that I would know)!

Check out Melissa Gardener at My Unpublished Life as she was nice enough to nominate me for The Sunshine Award and I am so thrilled to accept it--thank you, Melissa! You will definitely not regret checking out Melissa's page and sharing the love!

There are five rules that go along with accepting The Sunshine Award and they are:
1. Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog.
2. Answer ten questions about yourself.
3. Nominate ten to twelve other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know that they have been nominated.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Now, those of you who have been doing your homework and reading my posts for these last few months know how I feel about LISTS, but I already knocked out two of the listed items, so I may be able to accomplish this before I lose it (which is HUGE for me)!

Now for the questions (for the record, I am the worst question anwerer (yes it IS now a word) EVER, so bare with me...

What is your favorite color?
REALLY? My FAVORITE color? Of what? Car? Bedroom? House? Dog? I have never been able to accurately answer this question. I KNOW that "normal" people have "favorites," but I've never really been good at it. I like warm browns, oranges, and reds for my clothing and my walls, yet my FAVORITE VEHICLE OF ALL TIME was royal blue. I generally choose red Skittles and Starburst, but love a green Jolly Rancher. I find yellow very cheerful and love it paired with teal or hot pink. I will pretty much like ANY color if it is presented nicely.

What is your favorite animal?

Again, it is hard for me to have a favorite, but recently I seem to be partial to this:

...and THIS...

...and THIS!

Although, this is too cute for words...

Of course, we watched Mr. Popper's Penguins and I was quite convinced (as were my children...husband, not-so-much) that we could make the whole penguin thing happen. Maybe if we were still in Montana...

Favorite non-alcoholic drink
I am SO VERY BORING. ANYONE who has had the (dis)pleasure of dining out with me knows how VERY ANNOYING I am when it comes to my beverage. I ALWAYS drink a large ice water (no lemon because I waited tables and it cured me of EVER wanting fruit in my beverage...) with extra ice. Often times I will ask for ANOTHER glass of just ice because few people really believe me when I say I want extra. If you ever come to my house you will find that we have alcoholic drinks, milk, and water. Not the BEST hosts...
I do have to say that my time in Montana introduced me to yummy coffee drinks--or dessert in a cup as I like to call it. Some of my former students will attest to the fact that I should RARELY partake in coffee drinking as I am already hyper enough!
Favorite number
Again, REALLY?! My whole life I have made up "favorite" numbers and colors because it seems like people ALWAYS have a favorite, but I rarely have a favorite ANYTHING! I guess thirteen was my "number" for a while because it was the number I used to type in orders when I waited tables. Then, 2 and 19 were the numbers I used when I lost all of the money that I earned waiting on those tables on Keno. Now...three? Five? I honestly don't know, but if I ever win the lottery, I am certain that my feelings will change!
Facebook or Twitter
This should probably read, "Facebook or...anything else..." because it seems I love facebook a little too much. Maybe I can start a support group on facebook...
My passion
Mmy family...blogging...teacher's rights...human rights...(that should probably be in a different order...) I am quite certain that my husband and son (it must be a weird male thing, because my daughters could care less) would say, "The computer, facebook, blogging, Words With Friends..."
Prefer getting or giving presents 
Giving, definitely...especially now that I am older. I always did love giving presents more than getting them, but now it is even more so because I know the value of things and I would much rather spend the money on someone else. Unless my husband wanted to buy me a pair of great boots. you know--a pair of, "Wow, Melissa nominated me for the Sunshine Award and I am so happy to have  that AND new boots!" boots
Favorite pattern
 Hmmm. I guess it depends on what colors are used and if it is for clothing or house decor, adult or child... I like plaids and stripes and polka dots...hmmm...
Favorite day of the week
Saturday. I love having my family together (when my girls aren't trapped in their room "cleaning" all day!) and knowing that we have one more day together before everyone is back at work and school.

Favorite flower
Well, Melissa posted this:

and I LOVE it! It's a Frangipani and this is the first time we've met. If I HADN'T "met" her flower, I would have said sunflower or gerbera daisies. Sunflowers are just so happy and bright and cheerful...did I mention happy? Gerbera daisies are so pretty--one of my (awesome and amazing)students watched our cats for us when we went to Buffalo (TWELVE years ago!) for my grandmother's funeral (which happened to be on my birthday). When we returned from the trip there was a bouquet of multi-colored Gerbera daisies waiting for me in a vase on the table. So now they remind me of my grandmother and I have LOVED them ever since.

SO...thank you again, Melissa--and I would like to nominate these amazing ladies and a pretty cool gentleman for The Sunshine Award. There are quite a few listed, but that is because of my whole "Can't pick a favorite" issue! PLUS--they are ALL AWESOME!













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