Monday, March 12, 2012

Memey Monday: What do YOU think?

Well HELLLOOOOOOOO there! I'm sorry I left you--I am CERTAIN you felt a loss of some kind...maybe confused it with heartburn...but really, you missed me. And I, you. I would like to say that I was off doing something spectacular, but I would be lying. Of course, for all some of you know, I could be lying all the time. Perhaps I am a three hundred pound male from Duluth (not sure why, but Duluth is my new "go to" place. Or why the weight of said gentleman would be a factor... roll with it...) who is misunderstood and researching the mind of a SAHM for his new book...I am a Misunderstood Three Hundred Pound Male from Duluth Pretending to be a Crazed SAHM who Blogs. P-R-E-T-T-Y sneaky!

Well, today I am going to follow the PLAN --you remember--MEMEY MONDAY (I really need to work on that!).'s topic comes from my friend, Agneta who posted this on facebook this morning . Go on...right click and read it. I promise you, it will be entertaining. Not entertaining like Amber Dusick's article about the things we will never let our children do, but entertaining like...poetic justice. So read it now. NOW.

Okay, is that not a beautiful thing?! Senator Nina Turner is now my hero. I really try not to get political on here, but this woman's actions speak to EVERY party and this is how she wants to make EVERY party listen and take note. The important issues are getting lost while everyone settles into their playground fighting, though it seems that Senator Turner just found a way to break up the fight and make every party listen from their respective corners.

Without getting TOO political, what is your reaction to this article? you have a suggestion as to how we get ALL parties to drop the hypocrisy and focus on the issues that are getting pushed aside to further political gain? BE NICE. nice fighting on here! Why do I suddenly feel like I am asking for trouble...? Really though, even the most conservative of conservatives has to admit that there is a blatant double standard, right? fighting. Can't WAIT to hear responses...really...not nervous AT ALL...

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