Friday, March 16, 2012

THIS IS THE LAST TIME...I SWEAR! (At least for today...)

So yesterday I was annoyed because I evidently had READ an article on facebook about Obama and a friend somehow learned of the appalling fact that I did so. This prompted a word-lashing of sorts and it REALLY annoyed me. First, I was annoyed because FACEBOOK  tells people what I READ or LOOK AT now? REALLY? And B. How dare anyone infer ANYTHING about something I read or looked at on my own time. Seriously. How. Dare. They.

I cannot even tell you what the title of the article was and I REALLY have no idea what it was about. IN FACT, I do not even REMEMBER clicking on it or reading it. EVER. That is not to say that I WOULDN'T have read it, nor does it mean that I agree or disagree with its premise. I generally do not try not to base my assertions on ONE article. If something IN the article intrigues me, I will either A. research to find other support for what I have read or 2. Ask my husband to look it ALL up and explain it to me because I am just too lazy tired and don't care enough. That said, the only thing I remember about the article that I allegedly read is the fact that a friend of mine felt the need to bash me for it and to drum up support for Obama in the process. I am P-R-E-T-T-Y sure that anyone who was on the fence about Obama was pushed to his side after my friend pushed his views onto me (and anyone else who had the pleasure of reading it). I'm not sure if THAT was his goal, but that is what he did.

This...incident...prompted me to write about how much I LOATHE politics and to possibly make generalizations about Condervatives and Republicans. And Conservative Republicans. This is of course unfair to those intelligent Conservative Republicans out there--I apologize to you both. HA! You get it? BOTH of you? Like there are only TWO...oh. you get it. Anyway, I was just kidding--I needed to pick up the tone because it is SERIOUSLY getting way too angry on here!

I do apologize for the generalizations, I just wish that more of you would get upset with the hate mongers and loud mouths who make it appear that your politics are the same as theirs. Contrary to popular belief, I am not affiliated with either party, nor do I appreciate being lumped in with , "YOU liberals..." because I am also NOT a liberal. I am liberal MINDED...perhaps a Liberal Conservative? I am not one thing because I refuse to follow one person simply because a group that I belong to tells me I have to do so. I want my leaders to convince ME that they are worthy (or as worthy as a politician can BE these days). I do not choose to discuss my political choices with people because for ten years of my life I heard about how I was "supposed to" feel about certain candidates and no one seemed particularly interested in finding out why (or whether) I did or did  not agree with them.

When I was growing up I was taught that it was impolite to talk about politics or to ask a person who they want to win an election. That was right up there with asking how much a person makes and how much a person weighs. What I learned in my thirties is that the loudest person wins, controls the room and tries to sway everyone into voting for the candidate of said loud person's choosing. This is not to say that I am not loud...I am probably one of the loudest people you will just learned that when it comes to people who are very passionate about politics, they do not care what anyone else thinks or says--they make up their minds and never look back--regardless of what transpires.

This tenacity can almost be admired--I cannot even make up my mind about favorite colors and ice cream flavors--it just worries me that so many people refuse to budge in their thinking--even when they maybe SHOULD...

The reason I was so...hard on the Republicans (and Conservatives and conservative Republicans...) is because in my experience (and it COULD be that I am the only one to have experienced this), they are the ones who rudely make assertions about MY politics without any supporting facts and who try to force their opinions upon me. Now, this could be because the Democrats in my life simply assume that I am one of them, I don't know. The thing is, even at mixed gatherings (yes--even in Virginia there are SOME Democrats), the Democrats or Liberals were not the ones dictating how to vote.

I do not CARE about your political affiliations. I do not CARE who you do or do not want for president. I don't. AT ALL. I DO care about what kind of person you are--to my my friends...I DO care if you spew out hatred of any kind--racial and ethnic slurs are unacceptable regardless of your political party or religious beliefs. I want my children to be kind. I want them to ALWAYS put themselves in another person's shoes. I want them to constantly think, "How would I feel if someone said that to me?" or "How would I feel if I were that person right now?" and if the answer is "NOT GOOD" then the behavior needs to change. I expect that of my children, I expect that of myself and I expect that of my friends. Republicans. Conservatives. Conservative Republicans. Democrats. Liberals. Liberal Democrats. And Conservative Democrats and Liberal Republicans. Whew. I must be REALLY popular...

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