Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Again with the toaster...

Eight and ten. No, those aren't the ages of my children (keep up--I have THREE--ages four, six and seven). Eight and ten tell how many times my husband and I (respectively) walked by the obstinate toaster yesterday without picking it up and actually PUTTING it somewhere. Four and two. The number of times we walked by it TODAY (and yes, it's raining--on an electrical appliance--in my DRIVEWAY...). In fact, as I write this I can see the cold,damp toaster just sitting there--waiting for someone to make a decision about it. Good luck with THAT one, toaster. Perhaps you should talk to the yogurt container--I mean, "bug collector" in the garden.

Andrea mentioned yesterday that it would be a great Halloween theme--appliances in the front yard with chairs and other items strewn haphazardly about...interesting. I'll keep you posted. At any rate, that toaster needs to be gone soon or I am going to have to rename this blog: "Toaster Time" or something equally as unnerving. I had so many things buzzing around my brain to "discuss" today and they all popped out (so to speak!) when I saw the toaster. Again.


  1. Tee hee hee. I should tell my mom I've been decorating my room with clothes my whole life... :D

  2. I love it, Annie! We are currently "decorating" our entire home with clothes, papers, MORE papers...;o)


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