Sunday, October 23, 2011

I KNOW what fun is!

Well, I started a different blog about my mother and her disdain for my recent topics (it seems she DOESN'T want me to discuss my family drama with all of her friends she so kindly asked to view my blog (SO NICE of her, I know!). Who knew that the big "D" was so upsetting to so many people? Okay...I did. Though I was trying to help myself and others--I swear!

Anyway...I will post THAT later. My daughter Ryan just came downstairs with her Halloween costume on--she created it herself and she is QUITE pleased.
 "I'm going as "fun" for Halloween!" she boasted, wearing red and purple flowered stretch pants (that end at her knee), a black and orange jack-o-lantern tutu and a black, gray and pink shirt with an enormous pink, purple,teal-colored butterfly-eagle that has the word "Fubu" worked into the design with a layer of gray tutu and a layer of pink tutu at the bottom (though the sleeves reach just past her elbow, which leads me to believe the pants and shirt belong to Addison).
"Fun. Don't you know what "FUN" is? I guess not," she snidely remarked.


  1. Luv it!!! So creative. I have a feeling we'll be proudly saying some day "...we knew her when...."luv aunt treesa

  2. You are too kind--thank you so much! Wouldn't it be great if that were true?! I could do the talk show circuit and you could point out to Ellen: "I used to change her diapers...!"

  3. HOW FUNNY! I thought you were talking about ME! That tells you how self-involved I'VE been these days! Yes, I have a feeling that Ryan will make it big well before I ever will! How embarrassing...!


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