Thursday, October 6, 2011

And so it begins...

My youngest daughter is in preschool and loves it. In fact, when I leave her there, it is all she can do to turn and say goodbye to me. This is why when she cried this morning and said she didn't feel well, I believed her. We had a low-key day and when my husband got home, she asked him to go outside to play with her. "No--when you are home sick, you need to stay inside," was his reply. "But I'm not REALLY sick," she laughed. "I was just twickin' Mommy."


  1. She always does! This WILL be you one day, so keep laughing, my friend! ;o)

  2. My Goose has it stuck in her head that if she tells the teacher that her belly hurts, Mommy will come a-runnin'. Ummm, yah-no honey. I can't stomach the people I work with, so we all gotta tough it out. She is the same way as your wee one, doesn't even realize when you leave. Ohhhh the days of adolescence.

  3. It's great that they love it so much, but why are they trying to get out of going to a place they love?! I suppose this is the beginning of a list of things I will never understand as a mother. I'm hoping that the days of adolescence will be a breeze given that my children are already driving me over the edge now. It's only fair, right?!


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